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Do you have a Vitamin Deficiency!

Volume 09 | April 27 2020 How to recognize Vitamin Deficiencies?

Common Signs of Vitamin Deficiency Our lives are full of excessive stress and a bad diet. Stress can wreak havoc on our metabolic, hormonal, reproductive, digestive, and other bodily systems. How do you know if you’re low on essential vitamins and minerals? Well, the only way to really know is to get a blood panel, through your primary care physician. Outside of that, listen to your body and stay mindful of any changes. Here’s a list of common symptoms that result from nutrient shortfalls. Are you Feeling Fatigue? Iron plays a huge role in your overall well-being, especially for pregnant or menstruating women. Iron plays an essential role in red blood cells enabling the cells to carry oxygen to all the body’s tissues. Low intake of iron deprives the muscles, organs, and brain of oxygen, and may result in anemia, fatigue, weakness, and poor concentration.  Other more uncommon signs of Iron Deficiency Anemia include sleep problems, wanting to eat ice, swollen tongue, nail problems, and difficulty concentrating. The good news? This is an easy one you can check up on. During your next blood panel, make sure you ask Dr Maragh for bloodwork with a CBC, Iron panel and possibly check your thyroid levels.  General Aches and Pains? Are you having Muscle Pain? General Aches and Pains?  It may indicate a sign of vitamin D and/or magnesium deficiencies. Muscle stiffness, tightness, and cramping is often associated with low magnesium, while muscle weakness, muscle pain, and bone pain are associated with low levels of Vitamin D. Both vitamin D and the mineral magnesium come in supplemental form by way of vitamins and tinctures. The average person needs 800 IU Daily of Vitamin D, and the RDA for magnesium is 420mg. Magnesium intake may also improve constipation, sleep, muscle cramps and depression.   Hair loss? It can be a sign you’re not getting enough folic acid, B12, B6, and/or iron. These nutrients help to support a healthy blood supply that carries oxygen to the hair and scalp. “Poor intake can lead to reduced or fragile red blood cells, which can suffocate the hair and scalp. There are multiple ways to help hair loss. First, get labs, find out the underlying cause, discuss your medications with your doctor. We offer PRP (use your own plasma to stimulate scalp growth) and light therapy. Jaw Pain? Anyone familiar with the discomfort that is TMJ? The temporomandibular joint is the sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to your skull. Any jaw pain, clicking and locking, or difficulty chewing are all symptoms. This could be a sign that your deficient in magnesium in addition to calcium. Supplementing with magnesium malate is best. I’ve seen positive effects with daily doses of up to 2,500mg. Magnesium-rich foods include dark, leafy greens like baby spinach, collard greens, kale, or Swiss chard.  Prickling Sensation in Fingers or Toes? If prickling sensations are coupled with depression, weakness, or even fatigue, there’s a chance you might be deficient in the vitamin B12, affectionately known as the energy vitamin. It’s primarily found in meat, dairy and eggs, so those following a plant-based diet are more at risk for this type of deficiency. A multivitamin and/or B complex that includes B12 is usually the first recommendation for correcting the deficiency. If absorption issues inhibit normalization of B12 levels, then B12 injections are required. Dry Skin or Eyes?  If you’re noticing that your skin is on the drier side, and you feel your eyes are dry and unable to produce tears, then beware of a vitamin A deficiency. Difficulty seeing in dim light (also known as night blindness) is another issue. Add meats, dairy, eggs, as well as red, yellow, orange, and green plant foods to your diet. References for this Article include Mayo Clinic, Healthline and Prevention We are now offering: Telemedicine appointments with Dr. Leticia Maragh.

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